Full Director's Reel


Full length director's reel featuring scenes from three separate projects. 

Reality+ Showreel - 2020

Reality+'s showreel for 2020. Projects ranging from feature films, video games, VR, and more. 

Men of the Tree

Three criminals end up at a half-built house in the Appalachians after a heist goes terribly wrong…and their night is going to get a lot worse. An Appalachian Reservoir Dogs with a supernatural twist.

...less than kind

We all eventually lose our loved ones. What happens when one family is so blinded by grief that they stop living? This supernatural family drama examines what it means to lose your family and what it takes to get them back.

Awarded Special Jury Prize by Johnathan Demme (director: Silence of the Lambs)

Director's Reel-Scenes Only 

Scenes only reel containing work from three projects, different scenes than in the Full Version.