Reality+ isn’t just our name, it’s our genre. We are proud to operate as an elevated genre production company. For us that means writing within the confines of a budget to tell high-concept stories that focus on character and narrative. 


The realities that we create are the same ones just outside your door… with a few genre elements pressing in and slowly breaking through… Reality+. Whether that reality has ghosts, world-wide government conspiracies, werewolves, or near-future technology it is all treated with respect and integrated into stories that pull you in as we introduce audiences to their new reality.  


As a classically trained writer, Christopher’s work is literate, gothic, epic, and filled with observed human characters (even if those characters happen to be supernatural and straight out of your nightmares). With influences ranging from the Greeks, classical theatre, world mythology and fairy tales, E. A. Poe, Sara Ruhl, Connie Willis, Iain M Banks, Takashi Miike, Devin Townsend, Jennifer Phang, comics, all the great 80’s genre films, to the newest playwrights and film-makers across the world, Christopher’s writing matches his voracious input and lives up to his varied influences and inspirations. 





Within is a one-room, low-budget elevated-genre exorcism horror movie. 

KITTY ST. MICHAEL is one third of an all-girl evangelical teen-aged exorcist group, who are a Youtube sensation and part of their father’s crusade. She has the tables turned on her when she is possessed by an unknown entity and locked in the family’s patented “Exorcise Room” where they perform their exorcisms and broadcast to the internet. 


A different take on the traditional exorcism picture: Instead of an innocent at the mercy of a greater, evil power, ‘Within’ sees Kitty as a full human who must embrace her dark-side in order to leave the Exorcise Room and become a fully functional adult. 



Consume marries slap-stick comedy with a cruise-ship full of zombies…you ready for more? ‘Cause we got more. Our zombies are not your run-of-the-mill zombies…these zombies are fat, I mean F-A-T, fat. Huge. You ever been on a cruise-ship? Those people are gigantic! And now they are slow, shambling zombies. Consume boasts one of the most original takes on the zombie film in years (even the zombie-comedies). Not only is the location unique to zombie films, not only is the look of our humongous zombies new and fresh…there’s more. 


Our zombies don’t just eat humans…oh, no…they eat anything they can get their grubby sausage fingers wrapped around. Cell-phones, books, purses, towels, clothing, guns, pens, anything and everything on the cruise ship goes down their gob-holes…and did I mention they keep getting fatter the more they eat? Oh, yes…super fat, super slow undead.


On top of that Consume is an epic story of sex and marriage crazed twenty-somethings; food and sex crazed thirty-somethings; money and science crazed fifty-somethings; and an army captain that’s a coward who won’t shut up. Oh, and a severed thumb and a jewel. You interested? Of course you are. 


Consume will eat you alive…we got the zombies, the cruise-ship, and the funny…what more could you want? 



Koré will have none of it. Not from you, her school, society, and certainly none of it from your so-called God. She is alone. Except GREYSON, her boyfriend. The problem is that his father, MACMILLAN, is a Senator and under contract with ASMODEUS, one of the Princes of Hell. When his father’s contract is up, he sells his own son to gain more time on Earth. 


Koré’s not having it. At Greyson’s grave she threatens Hell itself to get him back, which summons MARLENE, a spirit whose eternal punishment is to guide souls through Hell. She’s there to be Koré’s guide …who Koré promptly ditches after Marlene opens the portal to Hell for her. Koré needs no one. 


Hell is an interconnected series of cityscapes from mythology and human-time on Earth each one ruled over by a different Prince of Hell. And Koré must make her way across all of them to get to Asmodeus’ realm to get Greyson back …even if it means taking on Satan himself. A thoroughly modern retelling of Dante's Inferno with a kick-ass goth chic at the center. 



We all eventually lose our loved ones. What happens when one family is so blinded by grief that they stop living? This supernatural drama examines what it means to lose your family and what it takes to get them back.

33 Yarrows Way tells the story of the Cozzolino clan. Three adult siblings: TOMMY, who's following in his abusive father's footsteps, JUDES, the caretaker, and ROMAN, the youngest, known as the liar of the family who happens to have been missing for the last seven years. And DANIEL, Tommy's only son and quite possibly a genius who after losing his mother has been retreating further and further away from everyone.

During Roman's absence, the sibling’s father has died and their mother’s cancer is declared terminal and is home on hospice care where Judes is nursing her into death. Roman returns with a shocking message. He claims that on his travels he met and studied with a shaman who told him that he could come home and heal his mother. But after divorcing himself from his family for so long he'll need Daniel's help just to relate to his brother and sister again. Can Roman reconcile with his family, and convince them that he can really heal his mother?

Or, is Roman just what he's always been? A liar. 33 Yarrows Way uses humor, poignancy and a touch of the supernatural to take us to the heart of a family in crisis.




(under consideration w/ FilmNation Entertainment,
commissioned by Left Field Ventures)


Set before the invasion of Brussels just before the start of WWI, a gothic turn-of-the-century take on the body of the week television series. A group of investigators deal with the rise of violence, despair, and new technologies that the new century is unleashing on the continent. 


REALITY+ is bringing genre back to reality.


No story is more compelling than character driven work that has something to say about the world we live in; about who we are as humans. We are dedicated to creating genre pieces that are about something.

It's our genre, our company: Reality+.

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Full length director's reel featuring scenes from four separate projects.

Three criminals end up at a half-built house in the Appalachians after a heist goes terribly wrong…and their night is going to get a lot worse.

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