To the outside world Joanne is just a book-store owner, but The Conspiracy knows different. She’s dangerous. She’s a bellwether: a quiet leader who is well on her way to being her whole self. When they kidnap her to break her to make her conform, they discover that Joanne is something so much more than even she ever knew.  


The Conspiracy locks Joanne in a 13th century chapel and she communicates with her ‘operator’ only through text and images shown a television. In order to break her, they work on her hidden shame, the fact that she had an abortion four years ago. After standing up to the mental torture, the Conspiracy goes even farther; impregnating her and trying to force her to have the baby. And just when she's about to give in, that’s when it all changes… for Joanne and for the Conspiracy. 


Joanne is both a social and a genre film that explores identity, courage, and the strength it still takes to be a feminist. It is important to know that we are the first feature film that will be a solo female film (meaning the project has only one on-screen character and that character is a woman.)


Despite women making up 51% of the world’s population and being 52% of the movie going public only 12% of released films feature a female protagonist. And overall only 30.8% of those films even have speaking parts for women.


Now is the time for this movie for so many reasons. The veil is being pulled back on a lot of institutionalized problems, misogyny being one of them. And nowhere is that institution more entrenched than in the film business. This project is a perfect blending of our artistic work with our beliefs. 


World-wide release through Cardinal XD: 2019

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All Photos: Patricio Lagos

Alex Reid is Joanne

Genre and BBC favorite Alex Reid is portraying Joanne. A star of the modern horror classic 'The Descent' as well as TV's 'The Misfits' Ms. Reid brings a grounded reality to all of her roles. We are honored to have her as the first actress in English to play the lead in a solo female lead film and she creates a tour-de-force performance as Joanne Steiger. 


REALITY+ is bringing genre back to reality.


No story is more compelling than character driven work that has something to say about the world we live in; about who we are as humans. We are dedicated to creating genre pieces that are about something.

It's our genre, our company: Reality+.

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