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All Photos: Patricio Lagos

Alex Reid is Joanne

Genre and BBC favorite Alex Reid is portraying Joanne. A star of the modern horror classic 'The Descent' as well as Netflix's hit 'Unorthodox' and TV's 'The Misfits' Ms. Reid brings a grounded reality to all of her roles. We are honored to have her as the first actress in English to play the lead in a solo female lead film and she creates a tour-de-force performance as Joanne Steiger. 


REALITY+ is bringing genre back to reality.


No story is more compelling than character driven work that has something to say about the world we live in; about who we are as humans. We are dedicated to creating genre pieces that are about something.

It's our genre, our company: Reality+.

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Full length director's reel featuring scenes from four separate projects.

Three criminals end up at a half-built house in the Appalachians after a heist goes terribly wrong…and their night is going to get a lot worse.

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