Christopher has been involved in immersive entertainments since his very first paid gig in the early 90’s with the Maryland Renaissance Festival doing 7 hours a day of improv/crowd amination work. He then went on to get a BFA in Movement for the Stage from Boston University, his studies culminating in a 

site-specific-immersive-environment-movement thesis. After graduation he ran a movement collective called Broken Buddha Productions for more than 10 years bringing together movers from: theatre, dance, circus, gymnastics, martial arts, as well as artists from other disciplines like music, fine art, design, writing, and even producers. The collective trained each other in each other’s disciplines and put on movement pieces exploring the human form in space and performance, all under Christopher’s auspice. 


He directs “straight” plays as well, but often even those pieces have an immersive or audience interactive component and all are dynamic and challenge the audience’s sense of space. Christopher is also a sought after award-winning fight choreographer who is known for elevating his performers work; heightening the danger while still keeping everyone safe. In 2005 Christopher was part of the team that created and performed Cirque du Soleil’s first ever immersive theatre piece that was installed on the world’s highest end cruise-line. After that creation and subsequent tour Cirque called him, “A huge asset to the creative process.” 


In 2006 Christopher added film to his resume, becoming a writer and a director who is now known for his dynamic use of space with limited locations (and budgets) while achieving the highest quality and dynamism in his distributed short films. In a brief 10 years he wrote for/directed/worked with Academy and Tony award winning talents. As a writer has been commissioned for: features; shorts; TV pitches (including animation and reality TV); and plays. His first feature as writer/director, “Joanne,” is a one-room, one-character, elevated-genre piece that also has a 360 component as additional content.


His interest in VR and 360 filming is the natural next step for an artist so dedicated to the use of space and movement to tell stories. He is excited about continuing to bring to bear all of his knowledge from the past 20+ years of artistry to Virtual and 360 storytelling. 



Virtual Reality leader for the consumer goods giant Procter&Gamble. With her 13 years experience in the corporate world, Ioana is not only a great team leader but also a visionary, bringing to life Virtual Reality and Business Intelligent services. As VR leader for P&G, she is in charge of a large team of VR professionals, delivering VR projects worldwide ranging for brand engagement to operations. She is also leading the innovation pipeline of VR/AR technologies. Ioana is also an award winning film maker. Her first short "Amazon" won the best short award at the FAFF festival in LA. She is co-founder of Reality+ Production where together with Christopher Morrison, produces independent genre films and now opening up the pipeline for VR experiences. Ioana is a active supporter of diversity in both IT and film world. She is in the board of Europe Women in VR/AR/MR, she is the VP of Media&Technology of TIAW (The International Alliance for Women) and she is the head of Diversity&Inclusion for IT for Europe in P&G.




  • The Werewolf Experience - VR

  • Drunk Zombie Duelists (DZD) – 360 Webseries


1890: Fall: Night


You wake from your drunken stupor from your day of drinking. Why did you drink yourself into oblivion? What have you done? What are you hiding from yourself? You are in a dirty alleyway, in a dirty city close to the turn of the century. Flat on your back you stare into the dusk sky. Your only company is the ominous raven perched on one of the building’s roof and the dog growling at you at the mouth of the alley. 

Then the clouds part revealing the full moon and your horrifying transformation begins. Once complete you must hunt the glorious white stag to satiate your hunger. But your transformation, and your blood-curdling howls have not gone unnoticed.

You are a werewolf, and you are hungry… and the townspeople are coming for you. 


Inside The Werewolf Experience the audience IS the werewolf. They experience themselves transform, they run, jump, and hunt as a werewolf as the entire event unfolds from the werewolf’s POV. 


The Werewolf Experience is a unique event blending cinematic storytelling, gaming, fully immersive 3-D rendered VR from a 1st person perspective, and a truly original interactive element: the player must use their own voice to HOWL to trigger decision points throughout the event.   



Jean and Pierre were born in the 17th century; expert swordsmen and the best of friends. The 17th century is, technically, when Jean died, or more specifically when Pierre killed Jean in a duel. Unfortunately, their duel was in the cursed forest of Hallerbois and now every ten years they have to fight each other again. One dies, one walks free into the world for the ten years only to be compelled to return again and fight ...again, and again, and again. Wouldn’t you turn to drinking as some kind of solace? DZD follows Jean and Pierre through the centuries (and multiple duels using many different weapons) all the way to the present day as their friendship unfolds, collapses, stagnates, flourishes as they kill each other over, and over again... and drink… a lot. 


A groundbreaking 360 web-series is not only filmed in immersive 360, but is a period piece featuring stunning costumes, great practical SFX, authentic world-class fights staged in an historically accurate manner. It also features world class-drinking, so there’s that too. 



REALITY+ is bringing genre back to reality.


No story is more compelling than character driven work that has something to say about the world we live in; about who we are as humans. We are dedicated to creating genre pieces that are about something.

It's our genre, our company: Reality+.

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Full length director's reel featuring scenes from four separate projects.

Three criminals end up at a half-built house in the Appalachians after a heist goes terribly wrong…and their night is going to get a lot worse.

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